Norton 360™ 2013

Norton 360™ 2013 Adalah Product Yang sangat Unggul Dengan berbagai Fitur Dan Paket keamanan yang sangat lengkap, Product keamanan dari Symantec ini banyak yang diminati oleh para pengguna yang menjaminkan keamanan secara Real Time maupun secara onlaine dan offline.

Jika anda memiliki komputer yang spesifikasi yang kurang bagus jangan takut karna Norton 360™ 2013 lumayan ringan dibanding dengan antivirus lainya.

Fitur Norton :

  • Norton Protection System – Our 5 patented layers of protection detect and eliminate threats more quickly and accurately than other technologies.
  • Browser Protection – Proactively protects you by
    checking for and blocking online threats as your browser loads, to stop
    online threats before they can do damage.
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection & Live 24×7 Threat Monitoring – Stays ahead of, detects and eliminates threats that haven’t been invented yet by watching your PC for suspicious activity.
  • Threat-removal Layer – Targets and eliminates hard-to-remove threats less sophisticated products often miss.
  • Insight – Improves performance by identifying safe files and only scanning unknown files.
  • Download Insight 2.0 – Protects you from dangerous applications before you install them by telling you if they are harmful or unstable.
  • Always up-to-date Product Version – Norton™
    automatically sends you important product and feature updates throughout
    the year. The latest version installs without you needing to do
  • FREE 24×7 Support – Offers you expert help and answers by phone, live chat or online, whenever you need them.1
  • Norton Management – Cloud-based
    controls let you fix, update, renew and install Norton™ AntiVirus over
    the Internet with a few simple clicks. It brings together your available
    Norton™ protection for other devices, like your Mac® computer,
    smartphone or tablet, in one place.
  • Bandwidth Management 2.0 – Automatically adjusts
    Norton™ data usage updates when you connect to 3G networks to avoid
    using up your monthly data allotment or causing overage fees.
  • Vulnerability Protection – Stops cybercriminals from using security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications to sneak threats onto your PC.
  • Norton Pulse Updates – Updates your protection every 5 to 15 minutes, without disrupting you.

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