aSc Timetables 2013 Pro

Hai semua. Akuu mau share aplikasi kecil-kecilan nih. Aplikasi ini adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk membuat jadwal sekolah, bel sekolah, pokoknya semua yang berhubungan dengan sekolah. Juga ada untuk presensi juga lo, jadi, nice deh aplikasi ini. Apalagi yang jadi guru, langsung jadi guru yang WOW pokoknya. Hehe, langsung aja,,

 What’s New?
  • Improved generation speed
    The software now generates around
    10% faster on the dual/quadcore systems due to improvements in the
    communication between cores.
  • Room priorities
    It is now
    possible to specify for each lesson the ideal, not-so-best and
    use-only-in-emergency classrooms. You can exactly specify how many times
    per week kids can be in the best room, how many times you will tolerate
    usage of the emergency room:
    Optimizing the room usage for students
    There are now a few new rules that allow you to reduce the room usage to save on cleaning or rent the rooms:
    Reducing the room usage
  • Cardrelationships for groups, subjects, teacher’s classes
    can now apply all cardrelationships to groups. So for example you can
    define cardrelatioships that will only affect girls from 5A.
  • Simplified Import from Excel/Clipboard
    shall be now much easier to import basic data as well as lessons into
    the software. If you are importing lessons/seminars, you no longer need
    to have the timetable with subjects/teachers, the software can import
    all the data in one step.
    Importing from Clipboard (MS Excel)
    also the import of students and selections was simplified:
    Import sections from clipboard(Excel)
  • Max teachers on one period
    can now define the maximum number of teachers on certain periods to
    make sure you have enough free teachers free on each period.
    We need two free teachers on each period to make sure we have enough teachers for substitutions
  • Subjects/courses distribution during the year
    You can specify that student has to complete Course A before he can have course B.
    Student has to finish Biology before he can attend Biology practice
    Also for the multiweek timetables it is now possible to specify that subject has to be on consecutive 4 weeks.
    Subject has to be in consecutive weeks/terms
  • Importance of cardrelationships
    It is now possible possible to specify the importance also for regular cardrelationships.
  • Importance of constraints
    some constraints you can set the importance directly when you
    specifying this constraint. So even if you run the generation with
    relaxation allowed you can specify that this constraint shall not be
  • Student group changes
    If you allow it, the generator can swith the student to different section between terms.
    Other small improvements
    Note for each cardrelationship
    Copy cardrelationship
  • What’s new in aSc Substitutions 2013
  • Generate the substitutions for one day
    can do the substitutions manually one by one as before or you can let
    the software to do it for you for the whole day. It follows the
    substitution criteria you have defined previously.
    Generate the substitutions for one day
  • Change collision
    While doing the substitution, you can now directly go to the collision substitution and change it.
    Substitution collisions
  • Holidays
    You can now mark certain days as holidays. The lessons are automatically cancelled.
  • Adding the timetable
    You can now specify the end time when adding timetable.
    Change the timetable for specific time only
  • Points
    Points are now calculated by week,month and year and the teacher’s base contract can be included.
    Using points to balance substitution/contract load
  • More situations timetable panel
    The software now shows by different color some more situations to help you decide the best teacher for the substitution.
    What is shown in the top right corner?
  • Alternative layoutthe alternative layout of the substitution report was changed so that it sorts the lines by the teacher. This makes finding the changes for each teacher easier. What is “Alternative layout”